Versatile technology platforms with broad applications across multiple therapeutic areas.

Central to Midatech’s business are two platform technologies that are designed to enable the targeted delivery (‘right place’) and controlled release (‘right time’) of existing drugs. These technologies have broad applications in multiple therapeutic areas and offer the potential to create multiple revenue opportunities.

Drug conjugate technology: Midatech’s core platform is a pioneering drug conjugate delivery system based on gold nanoparticles (GNPs) combined with existing drugs for targeted release at specific organs, cells or sites of disease.

Sustained release technology: the Group’s secondary platform (developed at Q Chip) involves the consistent and precise encapsulation of active drug compounds within polymer microspheres that are designed to release the drug into the body in a highly controlled manner over a prolonged period of time.

These technologies can be used alone or potentially in combination, i.e. by encapsulating GNPs into polymer microspheres, the rate of release of the targeted therapeutic molecules could be controlled and substantially extended.

Midatech has developed a strong intellectual property base, comprising patents, know-how, and trade secrets. Currently the Group has an IP portfolio of 53 granted patents, 96 applications in process, and 30 patent families covering all major regions. Midatech continues to strengthen its patent portfolio by strategically submitting new patents and divisional patent applications based on its active research and development activities.




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