ID API Therapeutic Area Administration Formulation Preclinical PHI PHII Partnering Status
MTD211 Brexpiprazole CNS Long Acting Injectable

Indication: Schizophrenia, Major Depressive Disorder

MTD219 Tacrolimus Anti-rejection Long Acting Injectable

Indication: Immunosuppression in organ transplant recipients

MTD220 Monoclonal Antibody Undisclosed Long acting Injectable

Investigational programme for the encapsulation of Monoclonal Antibodies

Midatech Pharma are applying Q-Sphera technology to the encapsulation of therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies.
Features, inherent to the Q-Sphera manufacturing process, avoid the use of toxic solvents and surfactants and eliminate damage to the delicate protein structures that can be caused by heating and applying shear forces.

External: MTX213 undisclosed undisclosed undisclosed
External: MTX214 undisclosed undisclosed undisclosed
External: MTX216 undisclosed undisclosed undisclosed


ID API Therapeutic Area Administration Formulation Preclinical PHI PHII Partnering Status
MTX110 Panobinostat Glioblastoma Direct to tumour via CED
MTX110 Panobinostat Brain Cancer in Children (DIPG) Direct to tumour via CED
MTX110 Panobinostat Medulloblastoma Direct to tumour

MTX110 is a water‐soluble formulation of panobinostat that enables delivery at chemotherapeutic doses directly to the site of the tumour.

The currently available oral formulation of panobinostat lactate is not suitable for treatment of brain cancers owing to poor blood‐brain barrier penetration and inadequate brain drug concentrations.

MTX110 is delivered directly into and around the patient's tumour via a catheter system (e.g. CED or fourth ventricle infusions) to bypass the blood‐brain barrier. This technique exposes the tumour to very high drug concentrations while simultaneously minimising systemic drug levels and the potential for toxicity and other side effects.


ID API Therapeutic Area Administration Formulation Preclinical PHI PHII Partnering Status
MTX114 Methotrexate Skin disorders Topical

Indication: Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis

MTX114 is the first gold nanoparticle formulation of methotrexate. Through complexing with Midacore gold nanoparticle technology, MTX114 delivers enhanced efficacy over methotrexate alone. Topical delivery minimises systemic exposure reducing the risk of toxicities associated with systemic administration of methotrexate, providing a superior treatment option to patients with mild to moderate psoriasis.

Midatech Pharma is building an innovative portfolio of first-to-sustained release treatments across multiple therapeutic areas with the most pressing unmet patient need.


Midatech’s Q-Sphera technology focus on long acting injectables using proprietary 3D printing technology that encapsulates medicines into bioresorbable polymer microspheres with precision characteristics.

In partnership, we use our rapid R&D innovation to enable drugs to reach areas of the body where they are needed and to exert their actions in an tuneable, effective, and precise manner.


MidaCore™ technology platform uses ultra-small gold nanoparticle (GNP) drug conjugates. The small size and multi-functional arrangement of molecules around a gold core underpin MidaCore’s ability to improve biodistribution and targeted drug delivery.


MidaSolve Nano Inclusion technology solubilises potent molecules that have minimal solubility at biological pH extending available routes of administration, including direct-to-tumour delivery.

Midatech is developing an internal asset pipeline across high value markets and areas of unmet clinical need in addition to progressing additional Pharma and Biotech Q-Sphera based collaborations.